Jorn and Angela

"So how do you pronounce it" ? ? ? travis said. "Jorn, it's german" replied Jorn "Oh like yawn, that's easy enough" came travis' poor attempt. "No man, more like yearn, like yearning you know" ? "Sh!t sorry man, i didn't mean to imply you are a bore or anything" said travis, cheeks glowing read with embarrassment.

Luckilly for us Jorn is such an easy going, gentleman of a guy and instead of swinging he took it in his stride. What are they like, well Angela is sweet and reserved, Jorn is charming and well, not so reserved. He's crazy actually. He kept pulling faces and breaking out raging bull horns, being the rocker that he is.

They chose Mongena lodge in the Greater Dinokeng Nature Reserve to host their wedding. Travis was a little reserved about another bush wedding but couldn't contain himself as the sun sank on the dense green bush colouring everything warm and glowing. "It's just pretty, i take it back" he said.

We have decided to share some of the more candid documentary pictures from the day. We have been so deep into crazy portrait set up's of late so we are glad to see the doci shots aren't completely lost on us.



Izak and Riette

Wow, has it really been a month since we made a post on the blog? Sorry guys, we've been busier than we thought. We'll catch up with all we've missed over the next few days.

Anyway back to Izak and Riette. They are awesome people! I know we say that about every couple we shoot , but it's true and especially true of them. We really do have great people as clients. It makes the job a whole bunch easier.

The wedding was held at Izak's family home in Joburg. There were drinks on the lawn, and dinner and dancing in a marquee on the tennis court, where we pinned up some fabric for some studio madness with the guests. The property was heaven to photograph at, with red brick buildings, classic cars and tons more.

They made an effort with vintage touches and so we were surrounded by all that we love to photograph.

Izak was so laid back. He played the part in the portrait sessions with such ease because, we think, he really is that cool.

Riette, just elegant, so very very elegant.

Izaks Grandad, cool guy.

"I was worried everyone would think i was mad for photographing the window behind them because they didn't know it was their reflection in the window that i was after. you know what i mean? So i waited till a prayer and then did it, haha. I'm sure one of them saw me and must have though...they're behind you china. Funny..." travis

This picture is straight out of the camera. There was a huge stained glass window, from floor to ceiling, behind them which flared and glared all over the place. Usually we'll edit for this feel, this time we didn't have to. Score!

The studio was crazy, dammit people had fun!

Great wedding. Even rain and a flooding marquee couldn't stop these folk from having a good time.



Hey is that...?

No of course not, but he gets that all the time, which is exactly the reason we took our friend Christian and photographed him with intention of doing this. We thought it would be hilarious. It was.

Christian has cut his hair, shaved his beard but still makes awesome music with his band Vampire 9000. Check them out at Look out for something unusual we did for them on the blog.


Freestate Loving

Friedl and Mareesa put all the effort into their hand-made wedding and that is why it was so AWESOME! They chose a very special part of the country, somewhere we had not yet been, to hold this wedding made for photographing.

Held at the Oranje Guest House, not far out of Clarens in the Freestate in a mindblowingly beautiful area. Wide open veld, with weeping willows and lazy wheat fields nestled between sandstone cliffs - for as far as you can see. We fell in love with it immediately.

Though young themselves, Friedl and Mareesa took everyone back in time with vintage everything. From her wonderful dress, and (in their own words) his "sweet-jacket" to antique plates on every table. There is actually too much to mention so we'll stop there and leave room for another post later.

Take a deap breath - its a big post!


We set up a small portrait studio at the reception with a few props for people to have a laugh with - did they ever. We had the time of our lives shooting these. Click on them for a better view.

It did end well.


There is a big part of welovepictures that we have never shared with any of you. Our books. We don't shoot all these awesome weddings only to see them end up stuck behind wax paper in some cheap kitsch photo-album destined to gather dust. We shoot to make books!

We love books! What a wonderful concept though - a book? Beautifully printed pages, gathered together in, usually, some kind of order, stitched by hand and wrapped in fine leathers and materials or in our case - artists canvas.

Books bring such joy. They give us a reason to put up shelves and buy antique book cases. Coffee tables don't always have coffee on them do they, but we bet there are almost always books on them? Wonder why they aren't called book tables then? Hey and what awesome gifts do books make? And and...they smell good - right? Mmm...boooooks.

Anyway, here is Colin and Lucy's book. A vintage notebook look with rough edges designed to take you back in time. Fresh from the binders for you to enjoy. Colin and Lucy haven't even seen them yet.

Fine Art Everything.
The cover is made of artists canvas, the end sheets are smooth matt 270gsm and the inner pages are printed on 140gsm cotton paper. Everything is hand stitched together avoiding excess glue. They're special. Trust us.



Wrapped and Ready. We like to think of even the wrapping
as part of the design concept. This image also shows one
of a set of 2 gift books which also come with the larger book.

(Mel Mar are professional old style bookbinders and book restorers. Call Jay P on (012) 342 5877 if you need top quality book binding.)

Our Story is UP!

Finally! Sorry for the wait.

GO TO: (You can link there from our friends to your right)




3rd Place Teachings


Bottom of the list are the "Stories" where you'll find "Travis and Maike's Story"

We think that it is super-rad to be able to share this with you all. We understand that many of you may have no need for religion in your lives, we really get that, because neither do we. Jesus didn't come to begin Christianity - something we should all join and work our asses off to live up to, Jesus came to give us LIFE. Real, true, exciting, beautiful & joy-filled LIFE.

Christians don't follow Christianity, they follow Jesus. And we can tell you, as will many others who look only to walk with Jesus, that he is a seriously radical person, looking for seriously radical people to walk with him.

We hope you see in us & our story something that does not reak of religion but of LIFE!


There are times...

There are times where you realise how amazingly blessed you really are. Today was one of those. I don't think i was awestruck by beauty as such but rather by how it was simply just...there. It took no effort to behold. All i did was go walking the dog with a friend in Cape Town.

The less than grand scenes, those over your shoulder, have something awesomly captivating about them too. We just have to see it. It's not a stop and smell the roses kind of thing, it's more like - do you realise there is something to stop for? Look again.

God has given us so much and we get to enjoy it doing the simple things - like walking the dog.


Louis and Marcelle

Kwalata Lodge, Dinokeng.

Boere-Bosveld Wedding.

It's stupid o'clock in the morning but i just had to post some of the pictures from Louis and Marcelle's wedding which we shot today. They are such a cool couple. Down to earth and laughers. We love laughers.

We spent a bit of time in the bush for the portrait session. What an awesome contrast the beautiful gown is against the stark and dry landscape. We had great fun with an 85mm F1.2 lens we rented. We're not gonna tell you anymore about it - see for yourself!


Louis and Marcelle

welovepictures is getting MARRIED !!!

First we have to thank the King of Kings, Jesus, who is the only reason we are able to tell you about this wonderful news today. He is our centre, our hope and our joy! If you don't know him yet, you are welcome to email, call or come over anytime and we'll tell you all about our
sweet sweet-Jesus!

Second - we have to try and sum-up the crazy beautiful story we have to share with you all. Seriously, some awesome things happened which we could write for hours about. There's a good dose of all the best stuff including some crime and mystery. Haha, no we weren't robbing a bank at the time. Trust us, it's an awesome story. So i think it's best to keep it super sharp and short.

- - - 1 hour later - - -

Ok this story is far to big and editing it and re-editing it we just couldn't keep it short. Forgive us. We do have something for you instead though. We shared the amazing story that surrounds our engagement with the community at 3rd Place this morning and luckily enough it was recorded in order to be put as a pod cast on their website. This will be ready tomorrow evening and so as soon as the link is up we'll post it. Alternatively check out there site over the next day or so and it should be there for you to download.

It's worth it.


Just Good Old Fun Man ! ! !

We had such a great time with our very good friends Christian (The Wolf) and his awesome girlfriend Lizelle as we ran around Pretoria shooting portraits of them. They are perfect to photograph!They dress cool, the laugh alot, and they are so into each other its hard to pull them apart.

So here is a quick preview of what we came out of our afternoon with them. We have a few more to finish off before we post them on the blog.

Christian is a shy musician but his new band Vampire 9000 will be performing at the opening night of the City Slickers Exhibition at +27 Design Cafe in Hatfield Pretoria on the 13th August. To quote The Wolf, " can expect 8 bit synth over rythems you can't dance too" ! ! !

Who cares, we're there ! ! !



Samantha Chelaine Schulze

Born only days ago to Otto and Lyndsay, our very much loved and missed friends in the USA. Gods greatest blessing has come into their lives and we look so forward to having her around.


She might be a Dork but she's our Dork

Our very good friend Maaike (Yes Maike has a best friend called Maaike - 2 A's) gets some blog love late tonight. We have just returned form a trip down the N1 to Joburg to see her win a Top 10 Prize in the biggest art competition in SA, Absa L'Atelier.

1000 entries were judged. And although she didn't take the first prize, which we were praying she would, Top 10 out of 1000 entries is amazing! So we would like to intoduce you to her, because we love her and we know you'll love her too. You can enjoy her blog at Visit the exhibiton at The Absa Gallery,161 Main Street, Joburg, which will be on for a few weeks yet.


The Dupie's

We want to introduce to you all 3 very special people to us. Some of the most in fact. Pierre, his wife Riallete and their super little one, Noa. The Dupie's. The Du Plessis actually, but we think Dupies is cooler.

Pierre juggles a career as a stylist in the super tough advertising world, his Theology studies, a community of Jesus followers which he began called 3rd Place (check out our Friends), and still has time to be an awesome dad and husband.

Riallete smiles. A lot. We like that. A lot. She juggles full time work, a wing-women position to Pierre at 3rd Place and still manages to be an unbelievable mum and wife. She makes mean apple pie. There is a baby boy in her tummy that we cant wait to meet. We think Jet Du Plessis has a good ring to it, don't you?

Nua smiles like her mum. When she came into this world she had thick, jet black hair. If you ever have the joy of meeting her ask her one question "Hoe maak n' Ha-Di-Da" ? We are wrapped around her tiny little finger. She also thinks Jet is a great name for her baby brother.



Isn't she flippin Beautiful?

Professional Model. Nope.

Actually it is the feminine half of welovepictures being the ultimate team player and jumping in front of the camera - for me. I was desperate to shoot something and so 10 minutes before we were to leave for a friends for dinner i decided it was time and Maike was roped in. I always do things like that. If i get the itch to do something, i have to do it then, even if it means we'll be late for what ever. I put Maike through that a lot. I love her for her endless patience with me.

Maike makes beautiful pictures, both sides of the lens, doesn't she?


The Great Catch-Up Part 5

The Hubbard's


This one should have been up ages ago. We're sorry Terrick and Bronwyn. Where to begin? Terrick and Bronwyn are really amazing people. God kept the special stuff back, just for them. They know how to laugh and how to really "enjoy". That is a special quality that comes so naturally to them. They gave us such freedom with their wedding and only wanted to have a laugh. welovepictures and the Hubbards - a match made in heaven.

Just count the smiles.


click on for a better view