Humming Wolf Forrest Wedding | Beloftebos, Stanford | John Savage and Jane Breetzke

We've covered a hand-full of weddings recently with so many wonderfully unique aspects to them, which is quite rare in a world where wedding trends spread fast and quickly, that it becomes very difficult to do them justice when putting together a blog post about the wedding. We feel terrible leaving anything out but realise we can't explain everything in words and pictures either.

Jon and Jane, and their Humming Wolf wedding in the forest at Beloftebos near Stanford is one of these. There was just so much to it.

It was a wedding like only musicians could conceive of. John Savage, well known to us all in South Africa as a national radio DJ on 5FM but both John and Jane have had huge success with their band Cassette. Music was certainly a focus during this wedding.  As a gift to their guests John and Jane recorded a full length album titled The Humming Wolf which was ready and waiting at each table setting. We got one too, we're listening to it as we write this post.

Every wedding should have a great band, well this one had two. A special collaboration between two South African gems, Mr Cat and the Jackal and  The Nomadic Orchestra mixed Balkan style music with blues and rock to form an indescribable sound that kicked off the wildest wedding reception we have ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

The bride road in on a cart pulled by a donkey named Abram,
little boys wore top hats with ears and little girls wore dresses with tails,
they married under a giant tree,
someone wore bright blue, shiny shoes,
the bride and groom sang a duet, 
guests laughed, guests hugged and guests danced their a$$es off, 

and so did we.