Sneak Peak: Rad socks & gorgeous wedding shoes

Boy oh boy are we excited to show these guys off, but only with a sneak peak for now. Tiaan and Este were married last weekend at Watercrest Garden Estate, just a wee bit out of Pretoria and did it in rad socks and gorgeous wedding shoes.

When we met with them more than 6 months ago they asked us if we could suggest anything rad they could add to their wedding, to which we both shouted " Stripey Socks". They make for great pictures.


// Sailor Wedding on the Sarie Bruid COVER!

We are super excited to share this with you today - especially since it involves our awesome sailor friends Richard & Casey! When we got the call from Lindi from Sarie Bruid, telling us that super talented Christine Meintjies had referred us, we were bouncing off the walls with excitement. And when she told us they'd be interested in using it for the cover image, we thought it appropriate to do a happy dance around the studio. Wow. Blessings abound. Thank you so much Christine, for sharing the love and thank you Richard and Casey, for just being your damn beautiful & awesome selves!

Be sure to get your copy, available at most CNA's and major book stores country wide. There is a detailed feature of Richard and Casey's wedding plus a feature on our super talented Chef friend Sasha from [PS] Prep'd by Sasha. We photographed her wedding a bit more than a year ago and she did a great job with the food at her wedding, which led us to use her for our wedding (pssst... mouth watering talent!). But more of that later! Be sure to check it out! It's a real treat!

welovepictures is married! ... part one...

We are married!!!! Whooohooo! We can't quite believe it ourselves! It is so awesome!

We realise that we need to do a HUGE post explaining what we did, where we did it and why. We promise we will give detailed love explanations from the venue to the dress to the wooden signage...!
But for now we leave you with a few pictures that neatly sum up our lovely day.
Oh and how much do we love Otto Schulze! Wow. Awesomeness abounds. He documented our day in his awesomely quiet & gentle way, even though he is a 6 foot, blond haired, blue-eyed giant. Our friend stays far away in Denver, Colorado, with his awesome wife Lindsey and their beautiful daughter Sammy. Otto flew all the way over here to be the best man/photographer and we miss him very much already. Luckily we will be visiting them next year for our 'official' honeymoon, when we will be road-tripping through the USA! We can't wait - we love these guys so much!

”HAPPY HAPPY you two lovies! oh boo. i SO wish we could be there to sob with you all (especially that hubby of mine, he’s gonna be a mess, poor thing!) wow. it’s gonna be the most beautiful wedding EVER i think. truly. i wish i could glow over every little detail of every little thing that makes up this glorious vision of today, the embodiment of the creativity, spark, inspiration, beauty, and the love of you two…most eminently…which is altogether now a most radiant extension of HIM! you are HIS! just HIS! and it’s ALL TO KNOW HIM, period. and now you enter together in a most sacred idea of His..becoming one. it’s love some days and it’s definitely war some days! but it’s above and beyond and the best part and absolutely the most essential part is, it’s Him! this is his union and he will nurture it, perfectly. enjoy abundantly this celebration today, drink your fill! and know that we are thrilled for you, proud of you, and praising father with you! he did good, he did so good…” - Lindsey Schulze

Please be sure to check out Otto's blog as well quickly pop by Colorado Wedding & Style to vote for Otto - he is most definitely Colorado's best Wedding Photographer! He is actually just a few votes short, so please head over there and click 'vote favourite' underneath Otto Schulze Photographers.

Yay! Thank you so much for doing a great job Otto - we love you so much!

Be sure to check back soon-soon for more love pictures!