Jorn and Angela

"So how do you pronounce it" ? ? ? travis said. "Jorn, it's german" replied Jorn "Oh like yawn, that's easy enough" came travis' poor attempt. "No man, more like yearn, like yearning you know" ? "Sh!t sorry man, i didn't mean to imply you are a bore or anything" said travis, cheeks glowing read with embarrassment.

Luckilly for us Jorn is such an easy going, gentleman of a guy and instead of swinging he took it in his stride. What are they like, well Angela is sweet and reserved, Jorn is charming and well, not so reserved. He's crazy actually. He kept pulling faces and breaking out raging bull horns, being the rocker that he is.

They chose Mongena lodge in the Greater Dinokeng Nature Reserve to host their wedding. Travis was a little reserved about another bush wedding but couldn't contain himself as the sun sank on the dense green bush colouring everything warm and glowing. "It's just pretty, i take it back" he said.

We have decided to share some of the more candid documentary pictures from the day. We have been so deep into crazy portrait set up's of late so we are glad to see the doci shots aren't completely lost on us.



Izak and Riette

Wow, has it really been a month since we made a post on the blog? Sorry guys, we've been busier than we thought. We'll catch up with all we've missed over the next few days.

Anyway back to Izak and Riette. They are awesome people! I know we say that about every couple we shoot , but it's true and especially true of them. We really do have great people as clients. It makes the job a whole bunch easier.

The wedding was held at Izak's family home in Joburg. There were drinks on the lawn, and dinner and dancing in a marquee on the tennis court, where we pinned up some fabric for some studio madness with the guests. The property was heaven to photograph at, with red brick buildings, classic cars and tons more.

They made an effort with vintage touches and so we were surrounded by all that we love to photograph.

Izak was so laid back. He played the part in the portrait sessions with such ease because, we think, he really is that cool.

Riette, just elegant, so very very elegant.

Izaks Grandad, cool guy.

"I was worried everyone would think i was mad for photographing the window behind them because they didn't know it was their reflection in the window that i was after. you know what i mean? So i waited till a prayer and then did it, haha. I'm sure one of them saw me and must have though...they're behind you china. Funny..." travis

This picture is straight out of the camera. There was a huge stained glass window, from floor to ceiling, behind them which flared and glared all over the place. Usually we'll edit for this feel, this time we didn't have to. Score!

The studio was crazy, dammit people had fun!

Great wedding. Even rain and a flooding marquee couldn't stop these folk from having a good time.