Molenvliet Wine Estate I Elsa and Bernhard I Part Two

As promised, friends!
Here is Part Two of Elsa and Bernhard's Wedding!

Enjoy :)


Molenvliet Wine Estate I Elsa & Bernhard's Wedding I Part One

Elsa and Bernhard's wedding was one of those weddings that is impossible to describe in only a few short paragraphs. We've written and ctrl+alt deleted our attempts three times. Their wedding was incredible.

We are photographers, not writers, which is why we prefer to tell a story through pictures.
It's the way our brains work.
But we're not gonna do the whole 'the pictures are worth more than a thousand words' thing either because that's just lame ;)

Instead here's a list of awesomeness, which should give you a good idea. :)

That dress. Those paper swans.
Okasie's amazing flowers.
Seven Swans beautiful stationary. Everywhere.
Okie, Molenvliet's legendary coordinator.
The cutest smile we've ever seen on a bride.
Bernhard's rad tie.
One grandfather designed that epic church, the other was the leader of it. That's history.
A first kiss that made Maike choke up behind her camera.
Yellow streamers E - V - E - R - Y - W - H - E - R - E
Yellow shoes. Yellow ties.
The mountains, the bipolar weather, the ridiculously beautiful light.
'Fynbos', a term coined by Bernard's grandmother.
Proud parents, smiling friends.
One of the bestest Best Man speech we've ever heard.
And the sweatiest group of dancing guests we've ever seen.

Ridiculously beautiful.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Part Two!