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Our awesome Sailor friends found their little Love package in the post this morning!

Sailor Wedding - Part Three

This day was all about Sailor love, crazy tattooed family, old (and new x) friends, yummy mouth-watering food (Corner Cafe!), Penguin & Shark love, loads of stuffing the face with red & white cake, sticky candy floss, sandy & wet feet dancing and shaking of the bum!

We hope you guys enjoyed these posts as much as we enjoyed the Sailor Wedding!

Check out Casey's blog for some delicious behind the scene treats including their awesome (!!!) invite by the insanely talented guys from disturbance!

Sailor Wedding - Part Two

We are so excited to share the tying-of-the-knot-part (literally) of the Sailor-Love Celebration with you today.
Be sure to check back tomorrow for Part Three - these sailor kids know how to party!
Casey's Dress: Abigail Betz
Decor: In Good Company
Shark & Penguin Perspex Jewellery: Mikado

Sailor Wedding - Part One

Richard & Casey
Jex Estate,

Meet our awesome friends Casey and 'Richard the Sailor'. When they announced that we will be the lucky ones to photograph their wedding, we literally did a little happy (penguin x) dance around our studio! These are not only the coolest and most beautiful people in Durban, they are also the most 'in-love' (for lack of a better term) people we have seen in a very long time. These guys celebrate love in a way that became so awesomely part of them and their wedding, the entire day ended up being exactly that - a celebration of love.
Thank you (Penguin and Shark) for being great new friends, for reminding us how awesome love is and for allowing us to share this 'love-ly' day with you x

This wedding was way too awesome to whittle the pictures down to one post only. Be sure to check back for more of the celebration tomorrow!

welovepictures wedding invites

We are so excited to share our wedding invites with you today. Our awesome friend and super talented illustrator Gerhard van Wyk poured so much love into these guys and we are literally bouncing up and down with excitement now! We are getting married!!!
Check out Maike's blog for more pictures! x

We love Once Wed

This must be the most exciting news we've had all year!
welovepictures will be featured on the Once Wed blog!

// Autumn Wedding

Nick & Jenine
Oranje Farm
Free State

We had the pleasure of shooting our second wedding at beautiful Oranje Farm, just outside the quaint little village of Clarens. Only this time it was in Autumn and the colours were mind blowing!
Nick, an award-winning writer, and Jenine, an established theatre-maker are awesome and bubbly people and this reflected in their wedding. From her bright red shoes and cute pink Tutu-style dress to the bunting flags to the Jeep that she arrived in - this was one celebration we were thrilled to be a part of!