Busy editing a recent wedding and just had to share this portrait of the bride. 
It's such a simple picture, and we really haven't done much too it.  It's just beautiful light, an obviously beautiful bride and a look that makes it all come together.


A Little Taste Of What Is To Come

It's been a very busy year but we realised, looking at our blog, that you wouldn't necessarily think so.  We have had to hold back on so many amazing weddings because editing them and getting them into the hands of couples was, and we think you'll agree, more important than posting them on our blog.

We've been adjusting to a new work space and to an alternative rhythm in new and exciting projects outside of wedding photography. We're not leaving wedding photography, not at all, we just got started. But we are finding space for variety in our working lives. 

So somewhere in there is the reason why we have had a sensational collection of weddings waiting to hit the blog for a while now, and why we just haven't found the time to share them with you. The winter break is almost here and there will be time then for sure.

This post is a just a small sneak peak of some of these weddings.



Zilwa Attitude Hotel, Mauritius | Pre Launch | Lifestyle

I recently spent a little time in Mauritius working with the Attitude Hotel Group on a project to promote their latest hotel, Zilwa Attitude (Island Attitude), which is launching towards the end of the year.

The idea was to photograph a few guest experience's such as, beach walks, a stand-up paddle through the mangroves, a sunrise boat trip to an island for a traditional Mauritian breakfast picnic, boat trip to an island for a massage experience etc. It's an island with many islets so naturally boat trips feature often.

It was one of the toughest jobs i have ever been on. Torrential rain, wild heat and humidity and long hours made for tough days behind the camera. But the team was amazing and we dug in deep and came back with some work that we we can all be proud of.

The first phase to promote hotel has been launched in the form of an interactive website. Check it out here. We love how the pictures really do come into their own as part of the multimedia experience. It's something we would love to see more of.

Below are just a few of our favourites and all that we can share at the moment. We'll share the rest when phase two is launched in May.

Our studio neighbour Steve is responsible for the spectacular film that greets you on the landing page of the site.  He's a real character but what a talent.  Trust us, check the film out, it will make you want to book a trip to the island for sure.



Open Studio Night | The Woodstock Exchange | April 4th | 6:30PM

On April 4th fifty studios and stores are opening their doors for all to come and explore what they do, sell or make at the recently completed Woodstock Exchange building in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Our new studio, which we share with the ladies from Seven Swans, will be open too and so we would love for you to come by, say hello and share a beer with us. In case you get lost we're in unit A302 on the 3rd Floor in A Block.

The Exchange, formerly The Woodstock Industrial Centre, which recently underwent a major face lift that thankfully retained parts of its old industrial past, now boasts a collection of fine retail and food outlets open to the public on a daily basis. Four floors in two buildings filled with young creative entrepreneurs working and sharing within the heart of Woodstock.  It really is a hive of creative energy and we feel very lucky to be a part of the tenant group.

Just some of our neighbours :

And that really is just a few.  Check out the Woodstock Exchange website for more info, and the Open Studio Event Page.

The event begins at 6:30pm and there will be great food and drink available to purchase from some of the cafe's and restaurants. The Damned Crows will be making some enjoyable noise no doubt. For more about them follow the links. Read  Listen

Address :
66 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.  Maps Link

Hope to see you there, oh and bring some friends. They are great for company and to get a lift with. Finding parking in Woodstock is tricky these days. ;)


A Carnival Wedding At Halfaampieskraal I Liebe and Arnold

We've been so busy shooting beautiful weddings and we just can't seem to find the time to blog them all. But Liebe and Arnold's wonderful Carnival-inspired wedding was just too amazing not to blog.

We met with Liebe more than a year ago and have - together with our studio mates, the lovely girls from Seven Swans - slowly watched this wedding unfold. Seven Swans created all the wonderful stationary: from the beautiful invites to the sweet Smartie boxes with love notes.
What a treat it was when the day finally arrived for us to document it all!

We braved one looooong dirt road on a very hot day and arrived at a little oasis in the heart of the Overberg, amidst a patchwork of wheatfields and what felt to be in the middle of nowhere - a  paradise called Halfaampieskraal.
Liebe and Arnold, together with the lovely owners of Halfaampieskraal had created a wonderland for us. We got lost in it, documenting every beautiful little detail and the sweet-sweet love these guys share, and came out feeling dizzy, happy and smiling from ear-to-ear... like two kids that had spent a day at a carnival - giddy and high from too many rides and too much candyfloss.