A Little Taste Of What Is To Come

It's been a very busy year but we realised, looking at our blog, that you wouldn't necessarily think so.  We have had to hold back on so many amazing weddings because editing them and getting them into the hands of couples was, and we think you'll agree, more important than posting them on our blog.

We've been adjusting to a new work space and to an alternative rhythm in new and exciting projects outside of wedding photography. We're not leaving wedding photography, not at all, we just got started. But we are finding space for variety in our working lives. 

So somewhere in there is the reason why we have had a sensational collection of weddings waiting to hit the blog for a while now, and why we just haven't found the time to share them with you. The winter break is almost here and there will be time then for sure.

This post is a just a small sneak peak of some of these weddings.



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