Sneak Peek: Beyers & Jolindie

Remember the Spring Love Shoot we did with these guys? Well here's a sneak peek at their wedding - oh what a treat!

Sneak Peek: Jeanne Marie & Mark

Wow. What a wedding! Just a few hints to get you excited: chef groom, events organiser bride, farm wedding, hand-painted signage, lights in bird cages and lots of dancing under an umbrella of stars! Oh so lovely - more coming soon!


We love books.
New books. Dusty books. Books on the shelf. Linen-covered books. Cooking Books. Penguin Books. Old books. Interesting Books. Boring Books. Picture Books. Books that belong to the library. Books books books.

Conventional wedding albums just don’t cut it anymore and don’t get us started on the substandard “designer albums” and “story-books” that every weekend photographer under the hot African sun is peddling to unsuspecting couples.

We have searched for some of the finest local vendors to help us produce books that we are very proud of. Only the best quality digital printing available in South Africa is used on the finest imported Italian Acid-Free Art papers. All the books are hand-stitched & finally, bound in beautiful canvas or linens. Our books are personally designed with you in mind and always maintain a simple elegant layout that is great for show-casing the best pictures from your awesome wedding day.

The books come as a set of 3 of 100 pages each. One 10inch x 10inch for you and two 5inch x 5inch books, exact copies of the larger book, as gifts for your parents.

Pretty nifty. We think so too.

Spring Love Shoot

It feels like we went straight from Winter into Summer this year. We did a Spring Love Shoot with these two beautiful people, Beyers and Jolinidie, only a few weeks ago in the soft blooms and lovely Spring breeze of Irene Farm. Now it's 34 degrees outside. And these two guys are married! Sneak Peek of their gorgeous wedding coming up!

100 layer cake loves us!

Ooooooh WOW-EEEEE! Our awesome friend Julie from In Good Company just told us she spotted our picture over on 100 Layer Cake! This is just about the sweetest, loveliest and greatest thing since our own wedding! Yay for Tarien for looking so damn gorgeous that she even caught the eye of international bloggers! And thank you to our lovely friends from 100 Layer Cake!

Pierre & Tarien

Pierre & Tarien,
18 June 2010,
River Meadow Estate, Irene

Oh wow. This wedding is way overdue! We've been so caught up in our own wedding, these poor guys had to chill in the backseat for quite a while! Sorry friends!

Remember we did an awesome warm-up shoot with these two beautiful people as well as designed their invite. Check it out here.

Pierre & Tarien got married in the dead of winter - which on this side of the world means it's warm enough for the bride to still wear a beautiful soft pink dress but cold enough to need to be kept warm by her new husband. And what a celebration of abundant joy, big laughs and above all, His love.

Thanks so much for letting us be part of this awesome celebration - what a joy!

Maike's blog in the Beeld!

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