Mark & Bridget's BESTEST wedding EVER!

Mark and Bridget
19th March 2010
Welgemeend, Cape Town,
Western Cape

Meet Mark and Bridget, a photographer-writer team, and oh! what a great husband-wifey team they are!

Bridget McNulty contacted us a little less than a year ago and very matter-of-factly informed us that we'd be photographing the BEST wedding EVER on the March 19th 2011.

You can imagine our curiosity and excitement when, a year later, we arrived at Welgemeend and found this to be quite true! We were blown away by the love and attention Bridget had poured into every little detail from the tiny succulents to the awesome Skinny La Minx Seating Chart to the 1000 Origami Cranes (999 folded by Bridget, 01 folded by Mark :P), to the Watermelon Lings and Pop Rocks and the 'Book-Ring-Pillow' and and and! Wowzers!

Utter photographic bliss!

Thank you friends, for letting us be part of the BESTEST wedding EVER! :)

Oh, and I almost forget to mention the Super-Moon! The Moon appeared a whole 30% larger on Mark & Bridget's wedding night. Even Nature was celebrating this awesome union! :P


Paul & Simone's beautiful Farm Wedding by welovepictures too!

Paul & Simone
20th March 2010
New Oaks, Franschhoek
Western Cape

Friends! Do you remember these two lovely faces from this Love Shoot?
Well, we are so excited to say that Gareth and Kate // 'welovepictures too' have done it again! They absolutely rocked this wedding!

Meet Paul, one of Cape Town's top Restaurateurs, and his new, awesome Super-Model wife Simone!
These guys got hitched on a beautiful Farm just outside Franschhoek and it was a childhood-dream-come-true for Simone to get married on her family Farm, where she grew up.
The wedding was 'Alice in Wonderland' inspired, with beautiful romantic touches from red roses to amazing strings of Fairy lights, which gave it a super stylish and elegant touch.
All in all, this wedding was one big party from the Jewish traditional dances to the late-night partying and bad-ass Love Booth posing!

'welovepictures too'