Sailor Wedding - Part One

Richard & Casey
Jex Estate,

Meet our awesome friends Casey and 'Richard the Sailor'. When they announced that we will be the lucky ones to photograph their wedding, we literally did a little happy (penguin x) dance around our studio! These are not only the coolest and most beautiful people in Durban, they are also the most 'in-love' (for lack of a better term) people we have seen in a very long time. These guys celebrate love in a way that became so awesomely part of them and their wedding, the entire day ended up being exactly that - a celebration of love.
Thank you (Penguin and Shark) for being great new friends, for reminding us how awesome love is and for allowing us to share this 'love-ly' day with you x

This wedding was way too awesome to whittle the pictures down to one post only. Be sure to check back for more of the celebration tomorrow!


  1. those are the kindest words


    we love we love pictures

    you made our day real to us

    and we can go back there whenever we want

  2. ah thanks friends.
    we love penguin & shark!
    stay awesome x

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures. What a stunning couple.

  4. I would love some of the 'inspiration cookies' you guys are eating :) Your photos are awesome!

  5. Loveliest local (and quite possibly universe-al) wedding pictures I've seen...