Jorn and Angela

"So how do you pronounce it" ? ? ? travis said. "Jorn, it's german" replied Jorn "Oh like yawn, that's easy enough" came travis' poor attempt. "No man, more like yearn, like yearning you know" ? "Sh!t sorry man, i didn't mean to imply you are a bore or anything" said travis, cheeks glowing read with embarrassment.

Luckilly for us Jorn is such an easy going, gentleman of a guy and instead of swinging he took it in his stride. What are they like, well Angela is sweet and reserved, Jorn is charming and well, not so reserved. He's crazy actually. He kept pulling faces and breaking out raging bull horns, being the rocker that he is.

They chose Mongena lodge in the Greater Dinokeng Nature Reserve to host their wedding. Travis was a little reserved about another bush wedding but couldn't contain himself as the sun sank on the dense green bush colouring everything warm and glowing. "It's just pretty, i take it back" he said.

We have decided to share some of the more candid documentary pictures from the day. We have been so deep into crazy portrait set up's of late so we are glad to see the doci shots aren't completely lost on us.



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