Since welovepictures is getting married this year, we thought maybe we should blog about our own wedding for a change. We just got back from Cape Town today (our new home after the wedding), and it has gotten us super excited about the awesome year ahead. I've been head down organizing all sorts of beautiful little crazy bits and we just sent out our 'Save the Date' the other day. We had lotsa fun being the photographeee's, not the photographers, for a change. Thanx to our awesome friend Migi ( http://migilinders.blogspot.com/ )for doing the hard work... we all know photographing photographers is not the easiest thing in the world. xxx


  1. Hi!!! You dont know me!
    someone sent me a link to your profile!
    Firstly congratulations on your marriage, thats wonderful news!
    Secondly I dont know if I read right, does it say that your new home is in Cape Town? Then is there anyway I can book you to take photos of my wedding in Cape Town, 11 Dec...Please!!!
    I think your work it so lovely

  2. I still love this...the photos are too cute :) CAN'T WAIT!