There is a big part of welovepictures that we have never shared with any of you. Our books. We don't shoot all these awesome weddings only to see them end up stuck behind wax paper in some cheap kitsch photo-album destined to gather dust. We shoot to make books!

We love books! What a wonderful concept though - a book? Beautifully printed pages, gathered together in, usually, some kind of order, stitched by hand and wrapped in fine leathers and materials or in our case - artists canvas.

Books bring such joy. They give us a reason to put up shelves and buy antique book cases. Coffee tables don't always have coffee on them do they, but we bet there are almost always books on them? Wonder why they aren't called book tables then? Hey and what awesome gifts do books make? And and...they smell good - right? Mmm...boooooks.

Anyway, here is Colin and Lucy's book. A vintage notebook look with rough edges designed to take you back in time. Fresh from the binders for you to enjoy. Colin and Lucy haven't even seen them yet.

Fine Art Everything.
The cover is made of artists canvas, the end sheets are smooth matt 270gsm and the inner pages are printed on 140gsm cotton paper. Everything is hand stitched together avoiding excess glue. They're special. Trust us.



Wrapped and Ready. We like to think of even the wrapping
as part of the design concept. This image also shows one
of a set of 2 gift books which also come with the larger book.

(Mel Mar are professional old style bookbinders and book restorers. Call Jay P on (012) 342 5877 if you need top quality book binding.)

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