welovepictures is getting MARRIED !!!

First we have to thank the King of Kings, Jesus, who is the only reason we are able to tell you about this wonderful news today. He is our centre, our hope and our joy! If you don't know him yet, you are welcome to email, call or come over anytime and we'll tell you all about our
sweet sweet-Jesus!

Second - we have to try and sum-up the crazy beautiful story we have to share with you all. Seriously, some awesome things happened which we could write for hours about. There's a good dose of all the best stuff including some crime and mystery. Haha, no we weren't robbing a bank at the time. Trust us, it's an awesome story. So i think it's best to keep it super sharp and short.

- - - 1 hour later - - -

Ok this story is far to big and editing it and re-editing it we just couldn't keep it short. Forgive us. We do have something for you instead though. We shared the amazing story that surrounds our engagement with the community at 3rd Place this morning and luckily enough it was recorded in order to be put as a pod cast on their website. This will be ready tomorrow evening and so as soon as the link is up we'll post it. Alternatively check out there site over the next day or so and it should be there for you to download.

It's worth it.




  1. thanks for the reference to mike perry;s over and over...will try get my hands on it.

    u guys are doing amazing work btw.!!!

    keep loving and sharing the gift of creativity.

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