Just Good Old Fun Man ! ! !

We had such a great time with our very good friends Christian (The Wolf) and his awesome girlfriend Lizelle as we ran around Pretoria shooting portraits of them. They are perfect to photograph!They dress cool, the laugh alot, and they are so into each other its hard to pull them apart.

So here is a quick preview of what we came out of our afternoon with them. We have a few more to finish off before we post them on the blog.

Christian is a shy musician but his new band Vampire 9000 will be performing at the opening night of the City Slickers Exhibition at +27 Design Cafe in Hatfield Pretoria on the 13th August. To quote The Wolf, "...you can expect 8 bit synth over rythems you can't dance too" ! ! !

Who cares, we're there ! ! !




  1. jislaaik!the wolf and the sparrow are representing:)!look rad

  2. Don't you ever use spaces between words! haha