She might be a Dork but she's our Dork

Our very good friend Maaike (Yes Maike has a best friend called Maaike - 2 A's) gets some blog love late tonight. We have just returned form a trip down the N1 to Joburg to see her win a Top 10 Prize in the biggest art competition in SA, Absa L'Atelier.

1000 entries were judged. And although she didn't take the first prize, which we were praying she would, Top 10 out of 1000 entries is amazing! So we would like to intoduce you to her, because we love her and we know you'll love her too. You can enjoy her blog at Visit the exhibiton at The Absa Gallery,161 Main Street, Joburg, which will be on for a few weeks yet.


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  1. Haha,...this is definitely me at my zeffest.Working the townships...badass!