Long Overdue -

Sasha and James,
Kievits Kroon, Pta

When the bride is a Chef you know the food is going to be something special and boy oh boy was it something at Sasha and James' wedding. Barrels of cherries, wheels of fabulous cheese and in Travis's very own words "...wow babe, that's almost a whole table of parma ham " !! It was a feast for the belly as well as the eye.

All the guests were bused off to a little piece of heaven belonging to Sasha's family just outside Pretoria for the ceremony. It was an interesting ride and a beautiful ceremony. Then it was back on the bus headed for Kievits Kroon for the reception, where more great food, dancing and photo-booth madness was to come.


James was a little camera shy so we grabbed Sasha and ran into the bush. These pictures look as though we fussed over them for hours but we didn't. Sasha is a stunning women and with so much grace, the session was over in 3 shots. Nice!

They booked the best band we have ever seen at a wedding! Seriously these guys entertained us for hours, and even tought us how to do the "mash-potata" - propa! Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/lonehillestate

We built a photo-booth and as was to be expected - madness descended!

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