Just...to help a brother out

This an unusual post for the welovepictures blog but one we are so flippin happy to make. We recently made the acquaintance of Mr Brett Atherstone - Art Director/Photographer/Designer/Recently Married Man. Talent abounding and a brother in Jesus too, meaning his future is made. Trust us.

We think his work is great, and his desire to learn and work damn hard too are something rare out there in creative circles. Yes, yes, we can be lazy sometimes. Right-brainer's.



Brett is Cape Town based but will gladly fly across the country for the right job we're sure. He is available on a freelance basis but seeing as he has a new wife to look after we are sure one of you must have a china in some well paying advertising agency who could hook him up with a permanent position.

A multi-skilled creative, grounded Husband and Jesus loving man - he's a flipping gold mine guys!



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