City Love Wedding

Lauren and AB
Capitol Theatre, Pta

This must have been one of the most awesomest weddings we ever got to document. Lauren and AB are good friends of ours and we were super excited when they asked us to shoot their wedding.
When Lauren told me that they are getting married at the Capitol Theater (Pretoria's legendary old time theatre) AND that she was taking a bus into town instead of a car, I couldn't sleep for nights. Yep, I was a bit worried cause it might be a bit dodgy as town center isn't what it used to be and no one we know really takes the bus anymore... BUT, wow, I was so excited to shoot that! And how cool is it that they got married in the heart of the city in spite of that... because they love the city. Awesome.


"The bride is always fashionably late"
So obviously we got to the bus stop 7 minutes (I know) late and thought we had missed the bus! But Lauren was adamant that we wait. Which made some awesome pictures...

and then... the bus came!!! And it wasn't dodgy at all!

I do say this to all of the brides that I photograph, but I think I'm allowed to be biased in this case and it's safe to say that my awesome friend was quite definitely the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. x

The rest of the day was spent eating Royal Danish Ice Cream and drinking Cola's in Church Square, a lot of bad-a$$ posing on AB's side, lots of funny swedish-afrikaans speeches, good food and awesome dessert, a hilarious photo booth and of course a lot of dancing!

More portrait studio madness!

They left the old fashioned way which couples don't ever do anymore. Ab is a Beetle drivin' man and with cans tied to the back it was a fitting exit for our two great friends.


  1. These are the coolest Wedding pics I've seen in a while. City centre has such great spots for photos. It must have been a feast to shoot.

  2. hey welovepictures...loving your pictures!! do u hav contact details perhaps? email, ph nr. got a friend who is lookin for a wedding photographer.

  3. Hey guys, e-mail us on
    love, welovepictures