Introducing...The Hochfelners

Wow - what a wedding! I met Seppi years ago when I was in Uni and began to assist him on occasion. He is a super talented photographer, shooting editorial and advertising work. We admire him and his work very much. Enjoy what he does at

It all started with a phone call many months ago that went something like this...

Seppi - " Hey Travis, I'm getting married"

Travis - "Waheeey, awesome"

Seppi "Thanks - I want you to shoot it"

Travis - "Waheeey, awesome"

...telephone conversation ends, Travis turns to Maike...

Travis - "Oh shit"

Maike - "What?"

Travis - "Seppi wants us to shoot his wedding"

Surprised? Don't be. In all honesty there is nothing more frightening for a photographer than to shoot another (very talented and much admired) photographers' wedding. Haha, but we got over the fear and had the time of our lives at their wedding.

Seppi is now married to Leslie who is awesome. She is a stylist. She gave up chilly Canada for sunny South Africa because...well, it's just nicer. :) We love her! We feel like we have been friends forever when we're around her.

There were far too many highlights at this wild wedding so we'll just list them and let you get to the pictures.

- Seppi wore his fathers vintage wedding suit - wool in summer. Crazy.
- The grooms party donned brown leather Converse.
- Leslie's dress was dyed in Rooibos Tea.
- The table numbers were photographs.
- There were flowers in tea cups.
- 3 men stripped down to the Full Monty theme song to reveal silk boxers covered in Canadian flags. Seppi was one of them.
-We ate pasta. Bowls and Bowls of it.
- Seppi and Leslie announced they were pregnant at the reception. Everybody screamed.




  1. wow. this is soooo cool! talented peeps you are! well done!

  2. whoa..that's the most beautiful venue in the world..or at least you captured it beautifully..where IS it?

  3. This is fantastic- so love the table numbers! And so brilliantly captured will def, be blogging about this!