Now thats a Camera

I think Wedding Photo-Journalists (not that there are many, if any in SA) are quaking in the boots at the site of Maike behind the mammoth that is HOLGA!

Let loose, & un-restricted by technology she went on a plastic rampage with only one thing on her mind...

...remember to wind on.


  1. Wedding photo-journalists are the best kind of wedding photographers! There should be more of them in SA and everywhere! Jaco Maritz is another by the way and lives in CT.

  2. Your right. Wedding Photojournalists look at every situation a wedding brings up as an opportunity. We're sorry but it's not only about making a bride feel beautiful. (sorry brides)

    I must say that we don't actually refer to ourselves as wedding photo-journalists. Not because we're too cool or anything, but rather because we're humble enough to admit we're not very good at it. haha. Check out for some true wedding photo-journalism.

    Good luck to Jaco, we'll check him out.