Introducing...The Davidsons


We had to post a few images from Nick and Liesels awesome wedding which took place yesterday at Villa Paradiso (the name is cheesy but the venue is very very cool) in Haartebeespoort.

Our day began badly, when after a wrong turn or 2, we finally admitted we need to buy a GPS device. The day turned for the (far) worse when Travis locked the keys in the car...with all the kit still in side. yes...we know.
A few of Nick's friends offered to help, who claimed their shady past may for once come in handy, but they failed to get into the car. The trusy wire coat-hanger method-not so trusty.

It was decision time. We were missing the preperation and causing, a surprisingly calm looking Nick' some unneccesary stress. We had a simple choice, a lock-smith or a brick in a sock. Nobody had a spare sock, so lock-smith it was. However, fearing the lock-smith may not make it in time, Travis and a guest persisted and managed to spring the gear from the car.

That was the end of our hassles, the wedding was now (finally) on. It was a feast for photographs with a classic Hudson car and a Triumph Motor-cycle, rad looking guests and an a super rad looking Nick and Liesel.
Here's a very quick peak at this amazing couple, who we are blessed to now call friends.



  1. oh no, i can feel your pain mate!!! images were worth it though - well done!

  2. thanks mate, i agree well worth it. We expected to shoot badly after such a stressful and chaotic start, but we didn't? We shot better than we ever have.

  3. triumph under pressure my boy. Really loving the work Travis. Suzanne