His love has come

Dear Kobus and Ola,


Maike and i are ever so grateful and blessed, not only, for having the amazing opportunity to photograph your wedding with the freedom you allowed us, but also to have been witness (with a camera and the deepest inside bits of our hearts) to so many unbelievable gestures of love towards yourself and Kobus.

Will we ever experience a party of the same kind again? A feast of music, food, love and laughter. Oh, and Vodka. We doubt it! We have never been to a wedding where ALL the guests are dancing before the starters have been served. Has anyone for that matter?

There were times where we couldn't photograph, because dancing your a$ off is easier without a camera. There were times where photographing was difficult and for very different reasons, the kind a man usually tries very hard to hide. Where your deep love poured out in songs written for each other, and so bravely and beautifully performed in front of all of us for each other.

We hope you like what we did for you. We thought it only appropriate to involve your parents and a little something special said by Hannes in his speech to you both. God's huge love for you both, and now in your marriage, truly, has come.

God is very very good.

Travis and Maike


  1. i will love to see the rest!
    you guys are such a big inspiration, i rate
    you in the top 5 in SA easy peasy

    Desmond Louw

  2. thanks desmond, for a huge compliment. will post some more tomorrow morning.