"The Great Catch-Up" Part 2

Yorik and Sindie

Man were we excited to shoot this wedding. It would be, and may remain, the most unusual wedding we have had the pleasure of covering.

It took place on the 19th floor of the Lister Medical Building in Jo'burg (check it out at, http://www.intermission.co.za/venue.htm , awesome venue for an exhibition, wedding or any other function). The ceremony unfortunately had to be moved, from the roof-top, indoors & away from the impending rain. (Bummer, it would have made amazing pictures) We did not dwell on it though for their were exciting things to come.

Yorik and Sindie had sent us references for the family portraits that they wanted us to create for them on the wedding day. They wanted early photography, 1850-1900 Daguerreotype style photographs. Just like the kind you might find in your grandmothers old photo-albums. We agreed to their request, obviously! We set up an old-school portrait studio next to the venue in the buildings studio, which Alastair so kindly let us use. We also brought along a few props. Travis couldn't resist bringing a gun! "When else are we get such an opportunity again" ? he said. Thank you Yorik and Sidie, you've made his life.

The decor was simple and beautiful too. Protea's every where. White wooden chairs lined up both sides of one very very long table for the guests to sit at. And (this is unbelievable) 2,000 hand-folded origami birds hung from the ceiling!

Ok enough of that. enjoy the pictures (we've put quite a few in for this post)


Check out Sindie's website:


and Yorik's too:



  1. Your stuff is so fucking awesome!!! I hate you both for being so damn talented. Nah, I don't hate you, it's just jealousy. Keep it up!

  2. The shot with ladies with the camera and wallpaper - YEAH!!! Love that one!