Destination Wedding | Mauritius | Mohan and Jacqui | Part 1

Mohan and Jacqui

The Sands Resort and Spa

Flic and Flac, Mauritius

July 2011

July was a bumper month for welovepictures. Within ten days we covered weddings on the island of Mauritius and in Canada. More polar opposite destinations you could not find, but if you asked us to pick a favorite, well, we couldn’t. welovethemboth.

Mo and Jacqui, who are Australian, have a great love for the island of Mauritius and, after traveling there together on a few occasions, decided it would be a great place for their families to come together to celebrate their wedding. Jacqui’s folks, originally South Africans, moved to Australia before Jacqui was born and so the island was the ideal half-way destination for the families from Australia and South Africa to meet.

This wedding took some doing though. Planning a wedding is tough. Planning a wedding in a country that is not your own (without a wedding co-ordinator) really is an amazing feat. Just imagine packing suitcases full of decor items, only hoping that they arrive safely. We’ve all had bags lost by an airline at some stage right? Thankfully, this is not one of those stories and we’re glad to say everything arrived safely.

A small, but special, group of family and friends from all over the world joined them on the island and spent the week hanging out together at The Sands Resort and Spa, Flic and Flac. The Sands is everything we imagined it would be: private beach, hundreds of palm trees and an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We couldn’t believe we had escaped the wet winter weather back home in Cape Town for this!

The wedding was like no other we have ever experienced. These guys wanted the celebration to reflect their own mix of cultures and backgrounds rather than the everyday western wedding traditions that didn’t resonate with them. Jacqui wore an epic burgundy dress! Awesome! Mo, who is half-Indian, looked amazing in a traditional Indian outfit. They hung out together before the ceremony. No surprise at either end of the aisle (note the homophone! haha!). The bouquet wasn’t tossed but rather presented as a gift to each grandmother during the ceremony - a small and sweet gesture of thanks for a great examples of love and longevity in marriage. It was great to see such a personal and laid back approach to the wedding formalities. It says a lot about Mo and Jacqui. They really are wonderful people.

The weather was perfect until just before the start of the ceremony but didn’t seem to bother anyone, least of all Mo and Jacqui. They took it in their stride and with big smiles. They were getting married after all.

Thank you so much guys, we had such an amazing time with you an your family for the few days we were there. You spoilt us.

This post is broken up into two parts because there’s just too much to show you all from this amazing wedding. Part Two to follow tomorrow.



Jacqui’s is a real talent too. Check out her work here.


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