Destination Wedding | Toronto Hunt Club, Canada | Scott and Andrea

The Toronto Hunt Club
Toronto, Canada

We remember the afternoon we received the e-mail from Scott and Andrea requesting our rates to cover their wedding in Canada. Wait, Canada? We had to read it a couple of times before it sunk in. Happy dances followed immediately after realizing it was a legitimate request. And so began the process of figuring out how we could make this destination wedding happen. We have God's amazing timing to thank for the fact that the wedding day fell at the beginning of our proposed trip to The States, dubbed "the honeymoon we never got to have". (We posted some of those images here before) We certainly didn't mind adding a few extra days to head over to Toronto. Who would?

Scott, a game designer, and Andrea, a Senior Visual Designer for R/GA, live in San Francisco but were planning their wedding celebration a little closer to their family homes in Canada. They settled on the historic Toronto Hunt Club, established in 1843, perched high above Lake Ontario, just outside downtown Toronto. You could not imagine a more epic location.

After months of anticipation we boarded the plane headed for the U.S more than a little excited and admittedly, very nervous. Ahead of us lay 6 weeks, away from home and our dogs, thousands of miles traveling the West Coast of America by road and a wedding in a country we had never even been to. But we were ready for it all.

After a short stop with Otto in Denver, our home-base for the trip, and to collect our new Nikon D3s, we headed off to Canada excited to meet Scott and Andrea for the first time. We arrived in Toronto at the height of summer, grateful for the heat after a few brutal winter weeks in Cape Town. The downtown area is large and bustling. The architecture is a beautiful mix of old world and super modern. Toronto has a wonderful energy to it and at the same time gave us a great calm vibe, that must have something to do with the insanely large Lake Ontario that it sits next to.

We met them in the bar of the The Hilton, Toronto and immediately felt at ease with this amazing couple. We talked about micro-breweries and wine and heard all about the final arrangements for the wedding and were delighted when they asked us to join them and their family for dinner that evening. We had a great time with this beautiful family who made us, the couple who had come all the way from Africa, feel very much welcome. Our nerves about the wedding fell away :) The wedding was beautiful and the weather really was perfect for it. It was a pleasure to document such a genuine love fest without the pretentious atmosphere we sometimes pick up on at weddings. We felt more like honored guests than service providers and will for ever be grateful to Scott and Andrea for bringing us over. Oh and also - for introducing us to Poutine. ;)



  1. Wow!

    Soooooo beautiful! Your photos are so unbelievably gorgeous and you caught the vibe of the day, so, so well :)

    It was a pleasure to meet you both, and I can't wait to see more of these!


  2. Wowzers lovelies, these are amazing. Well done. Sjoeweee x x x

  3. This is by far your best wedding! Great job guys! x


  5. Very nice friends! I hardly waited to see this post!!

  6. We can't tell you how much it means to have captured not only the warmth of the day, but also of our hearts.. Serious love for the magic you find through the lens, where every photo is a story you can get lost in.. something we get to hold onto forever :))

    You are incredible, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    So much love!
    Scott & Andrea xo

  7. Thank you so much Scott and Andrea! It makes us very happy to know that love them.

  8. Thanks Elle, Tumi, Laura and Rebecca. :)

  9. Thank you Maike and Travis for capturing the wonderful feelings that day!Mary and Rick :)

  10. Dudes, you make me so proud.

  11. I've stumbled across your website. Wow. Your photography is absolutely breathtaking!