Destination Wedding | Mauritius | Mohan and Jacqui | Part 2

Mohan and Jacqui

The Sands Resort and Spa

Flic and Flac, Mauritius

July 2011

We sat for the longest time trying to cut back the number of images for Mo and Jacqui's post but we just couldn't. Two posts it had to be. Part two picks up after of the ceremony on the beach and details the two portrait sessions we shot on the day. So forgive us if it looks like the post jumps around a bit. The first was before the ceremony began in some tough mid-day sunlight, but we managed to get some great stuff out of it. If this group had not been such a great laugh this may have been a lot more difficult. Our second session with them was post-ceremony when the mist and cloud gave way somewhat. The weather in Mauritius changes so quickly. We never really knew if we were up or down but again we worked with it and got some really beautiful, intimate images with them. They were so easy in front of the camera.

The reception was also broken up in two. A formal dinner out on the deck followed by a good "get-down" in the resort conference room. Things started to swing from here and we couldn't help but join in. One of the craziest love booths we have ever shot went down that night. This is what happens when you let a bunch South Africans and Australians loose in tiny conference room on an island in the middle of the Indian ocean. Some of our favorite images from the wedding came from this part of the evening and just looking at them takes us right back to the island.





  1. Woe this is super fun! Great Job Guys!!

  2. haha love how the last few images look like a dance party in someones bedroom.. lovely colourful images!