Beach Wedding l Strandkombuis l Cape Town

We could not wait to share this small sneak peak from Kobus and Lynette's "Kaapse Liefde Fees" (loosely translated as Cape Love Fest for our non-Afrikaans friends) which took place yesterday at Strandkombuis on the west coast not far from Cape Town.

We cannot stress how beautiful and amazing these two people really are. They spoiled us (yes us) rotten on their very own wedding day, said yes to everything we asked of them and made sure that every moment together ended in fits of giggles.

Amazing couples make amazing pictures. It really is that simple.



  1. flippen extra special crazy awsome! in the words of a 2 year old - " LIKE CRAZY!"

  2. I can't wait to see the rest!

  3. They make a very good couple. God Bless them. I am flattered by the looks of the groom.

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  4. I can tell how much they love each other by just seeing the photos. They looked lovely together.

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