Modern Bush Wedding | Red Ivory Lodge | Lindsey+Hayley

Like most around the world the wedding season in South Africa runs through the warmer months of the year but there are a select number of weddings that take place outside of the season in Autumn and Winter. For those of you living north of us this may mean cold, wet weather and even snowy days and long chilly nights. In South Africa almost the opposite is true. Our winters are embarrassingly mild. With most days not far off European summer days. The evening temperatures may be low but during the day, the African sun is warm and energizing.

Lindsey and Hayley celebrated their wedding at Red Ivory Lodge, just as the leaves began to fall and the intense African sun pulled back a little for the long dry Winter ahead. Red Ivory is one of our favorite venues in Gauteng. Originally a modern home built into the hills above the Haartebeespoort Valley, it has recently found new life as an intimate, modern bush wedding venue. It's really special. The panoramic view of the valley, through the floor-to-ceiling glass which runs across the length of the venue, is EPIC!

When we met Lindsey and Hayley for a chat over breakfast in Cape Town they amazed us with the unusual story of how they met. Hayley told us how she picked up a copy of Runners World Magazine and just had to know who this fine man (Lyndsey) on the cover was. Lyndsey, leaning back in his chair in his signature smooth cat way, just gave us a smile as if to say "...and now, here we are getting married." It really is too awesome for words. So we'll leave it up to the pictures from their wedding day.

It was a real family occasion and one where even the friends at the wedding were like family. It's very easy to document a wedding like this as there really aren't any barriers. We were invited into every situation, and very often with a smile.

Congratulations guys. :)


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  1. flip guys. this is such a beautiful wedding covered so well as usual. top drawer. beautiful images!