We've been desperate for good weather the past few days. Cape Town spring hasn't quite come around just yet. Wet and misty is good for a few days but nothing beats bright blue skies and body warming heat from the sun.

Today they sun came back. :)

Between 1pm and 2pm, it's power hour in the studio. It's our favorite time of the day, the light streams all over the studio. This is an important time on a gorgeous day like today - it prevents us running out of the studio and down to the beach to join everyone else slacking off work in the sun. We've got too much going on to slack off now.

Ok so we slacked a little to take, and upload these pictures. ;)


P.S Gareth is unfortunately not here, we say unfortunately but he is in fact in Zambia at the moment assisting on an FHM calender shoot. In his element - no doubt.