Classic Black and White Portrait | VSCO presets for Lightroom

We were preparing a package for collection by a bride this morning when we came across this picture that we realized we just had to blog. We've never had a horse or any other animal as part of a bridal portrait session before but when we heard Rob and Xan's wedding was taking Place at the Val De Vie Polo Estate an image like this, and many others, popped into our heads.

The horse had just come off the polo field and Xan knew the rider and the horse so we took the opportunity to shoot. We had to slow everything down and shoot very quietly for this picture. Very unusual for us actually. Eventually the horse settled and this little moment appeared. It was amazing. 

It's the kind of picture we might have shot on medium format film a few years back. It has that order and the feel that comes with shooting slow and thoughtful. Digital makes us work to fast. Too fast maybe? The film look or rather resemblance is there at least. The picture was partly edited with the VCSO presets for Lightroom 4 which we are still getting to grips with.

We love the picture and think it is has just started its journey on to becoming a classic for us.



  1. What a beauty! You guys are too talented. Iconic image for sure x

  2. So rad that the horse is also closing it's eyes...

  3. This is such an amazing image. Well done guys!