Cape Botanical Wedding Part Two I Vrede en Lust I Jamess and Josi

Aaah, Jamess and Josi. 

Jamess (with two s's), is a boy-eyed, ridiculously charming Australian and Josi is South African born and raised, although with a surname like Heyerdahl, there is viking spirit in her. Google Heyerdahl, you'll see exactly what we mean. We heard much about this "viking spirit" in the many stories shared during the speeches at the wedding, including Jamess' recalling the moment he realized, and accepted, that great adventure would be a big part of his marriage to Josi.

When a couple has lived all over the world, they make friends all over the world, so this was, with out doubt, an international wedding. The South African accent was almost lost amongst those from Australia, The States, Norway and Mexico, to name but a few. It takes a lot for people to stay close across many thousands of miles, with many years in between and so to see so many old friends come from all across the world to celebrate a marriage is remarkable. You know a couple is special when this happens. Jamess and Josi, you are truly special people.

Thanks so much for allowing us (two strangers) to sneak around and observe the adventures of your wedding and for the chance to bring you the pictures of what we saw that day. We really hope that you enjoy them.


 P.S be sure to check their beautiful botanical-themed decor post we did yesterday here.


  1. very nice! I'm a big fan of yours!!

  2. Such truly special images, it makes one almost feel the environment of the wedding as if you were a guest. Wedding photography has advanced so much in the past 30 years...gosh was it that long ago I got married. I had photos of our profiles in a wine glass etc, I thought it was unique now it seems rather gawdy lol.

  3. That is such a lovely wedding, and you captured it soo beatifully!

  4. Each moment of this wedding looks picture perfect. The photographer did a wonderful job, and I enjoy the couple - they are such beautiful people

  5. I love how you photographed the lights.