Destination Wedding | The Arniston Hotel | Mark and Jes | Part 2

* continued from previous post Mark and Jes Part 1.

The guests were entertained during the cocktail hour with music from the very talented Jeremy Loops, German beer from a keg and a love booth that had to be weighed down with rocks and anchored to a pole, it was that windy! But we never gave up on it, the ocean as the background was too amazing to pass up on.

The sun set over the ocean and the guests moved on to the reception which was held in the center courtyard of The Arniston Hotel which boasts an unusual element, for a wedding reception that is, right in the middle of it - a pool. This would prove to be the source of an epic second wind for this wild wedding party late that evening. That, and the fact that the bar stayed open until the last song was played by the fantastic Heather Honey B at 04h30 am.

It was a wedding party like no other and we've seen plenty but trust us, we've never seen one like this. Wild, but all good, clean fun. The way they should be. It was amazing to be a part of, which, made it difficult to leave. Well, for one half of welovepictures anyway. Travis partied with the guests right until the very end, camera in hand of course.




  1. Crazy!! Love the jumping-in-the-pool sequence!

  2. amazing!!! love the one's of everyone jumping in the pool.. especially the gif of the bride & groom!

  3. So great! looks like those guys know how to party.