USA Road Trip Part One - Denver to Seattle

Oooops, we just realised we skipped the first part of our road-trip - the epic 2-day drive from Denver to Seattle :) There was a lot of driving. Winding through true cowboy country as we made our way through Wyoming and Montana.

We stayed over in in Bozeman, Montana where Otto ate the 'best burger ever' apparently. You'd expect that kind of statement from a place with Steer trophies all over the walls.
And then for breakfast and 'the worst coffee ever' when we stopped in a tiny town called Rainier, surrounded by forests and mountains. It was beautiful.

And then there was more driving...
Hours on the road passing mountains, forest, more mountains, epic clouds, wind turbines and more forests.



  1. So cool! Flip do I miss you guys. What an adventure you have had!

  2. the pictures are so amazing. are you editing them with photoshop actions? lovely greetings.

    ps: i love this blog!

  3. We are Magnolia yes, along with a combination of other things but for this look and feel check out Boutwell's Totally Rad Action Set. :)