Rob & Amy's Classic Rock n Roll Wedding

Rob & Amy
9th April 2010
The Forum,

Once again, this post is way overdue and huge apologies to Rob and Amy for featuring their wedding only now! Sorry friends!
Extra-extra special biiiiig post just for you, guys - plus it was too hard to whittle down the pictures - there are just waaaaay too many great ones!
What a beautiful & classic wedding with an awesome and bad-a$$ Rock 'n Roll twist! This was picture-lovers-bliss and what a bliss it was! ;)

Happy weekend friends!



  1. Wow guys! Stunning! Handsome groom and beautiful bride. And I love the wedding venue (ceremony & reception) so open and modern!

  2. LOVING it!!!
    And invite is sooooo Stunning!

  3. none of this communicates rock n' roll, I'm confused? Typo?

  4. Anonymous, no need to be confused. It wasn't a rock n roll themed wedding. It didn't really have any visual references to rock n roll besides perhaps two-tone shoes (albeit modern versions), tattoos, dolled up birds and a rock n roll band instead of a DJ. The wedding was, visually, more glamorous actually. But if the knew the couple and their rock n roll story or your been at the rock n roll party at their wedding reception you would understand why we titled it so. Perhaps they didn't dress it but they were certainly rock n roll anonymous.

    We do apologize for misrepresenting rock n roll in an any way though.

  5. Oh and sorry for the actual typos in the comment. Sent from an iPhone. :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Glam rock 'n roll I say!

    Is there anyway to find out who did their stationery (invite's?) I suspect it is the same company that designed a previous wedding invite I am in love with, but I forgot to save their details. doh!

    Thanks <3