"The Great Catch-Up" Part 4

Michael and Marissa

Travis has known Michael his whole life. Their families have moulded into one huge crazy bunch of English, Irish and Scotsman. This was evident once the reception got swinging. Literally. There were some wonderful highlights for each of us. Travis says it was seeing Michael in a suit, and really pulling it off. For me it was seeing Belle (Michael's super tom-boy niece) in a suite! She was adamant she was gonna wear a suit, "...like the boys..." she said. And Marissa of course looked absolutely gorgeous!

We shot the portraits in a field that felt more like Colorado in the Fall rather than Alberton in Herf's. We moved quickly to get back to the party, fearing it had already begun without us. From then on it was bum-shaking, hands-in-the-air-stuff as the Rolling Stones and Co. carried us deep into the night.


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