we should get to bed, we've got work tomorrow

kobus & his mum's dog. the day we saw the venue.

All the plastic cameras are clean (of course i'm lying), loaded with expired film and packed! Tomorrow afternoon we have the awesome pleasure of photographing the beginning of a wonderful life together for Kobus and Ola. On Holga's, Diana's with Ring-Flashes and super samplers too. Maike cant wait. Neither can i, she's gonna be a sight packing all that plastic heat.

I'm taking an altogether (depending on who you might be) laid back approach. 5D MKii, and Yashika Twin-Lens Reflex camera, though still towing the line with expired film. I've missed film, alot.

We've got something amazing planned. We cant wait to show you all, let a lone shoot it.

bed time..


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