Of course it's Organic ?

Our super-Ethiopian-brother Solomon brought us some very special organic Ethiopian coffee today. Grown with love. Harvested with care. Fairly Traded. Transported (no doubt) by very simple means to our end of the big horses head. And into our blessed little hands in Sunnyside, Pretoria.

We washed them. We very slowly roasted them, because Solomon says the coffee tastes much better that way, (doesn't everything done slow just work out better), for close to 45 minutes. I was having the time of my simple little life! I couldn't even wait for the beans to cool down before they were into the grinder. I simply cannot describe the smell, it was a have to be there kind of moment, when i lifted the lid on the grinder. A fine dark brown powder of awesomeness.

A few scoops into our "stainless-steel-stove-top espresso-magigy" and then...we waited. And I think i'll stop there. There is something immensely amazing about making your own coffee in this way, that is difficult to describe, and can only be experienced.

We highly reccommend it.

love welovepictures (and organic home roasted Ethiopian supe awesome coffee)


  1. I bet you do. Your Starbucks (American\Ethipian Coffee - So because the they buy it from Ethiopia via non fair-trade methods and sell it as their own)is good stuff but not in the i made it kind of way.

    Remember how Mame would roast it in the pan and blow the smoke into our face otto? Great memories mate