in the beginning... have to start somewhere. Simply, boldly, however, but start. We've got some catching up to do. so we'll start there.

5 Recent Weddings - 5 Great Shots

Tertius & Lira

Four days of dancing, eating and laughing in the North West Province. A farm wedding like no other. Lira made her entrance in a 1950's Classic Mercedes, while Tertius opted for a more agile yet equally classic entrance - a bicycle. Take a look at the clouds behind Tertius. It threatened disaster throughout the entire ceremony. With grace, it came only when everyone was inside dancing there a$$es off.

Michael & Marissa

Travis grew up with Michael, their family's have merged into one big crazy bunch, so this was an amazing blessing for him to be able to photograph their wedding. There was a big party to follow this, a Huge one! Would you believe this Autumn scene was shot in Alberton, on the East Rand. Remember, you have to look at things the right way.

Terick & Bronwyn

These guys are awesome! We have never had an easier job to do. No expectations, just that we all have a laugh, and we did! We love you guys!

Colin & Lucy

Now we have never been into flashy things but this American machine was hard not to notice. We think you'll agree. Wow. Colin and Lucy were so laid back they just said, "do what you do" and we did. We put them in from of "the machine" ! Done!

Yorik & Sindie

We know what you are thinking, "it can't be a real wedding, it's a set up". This wedding was as real as any wedding we have ever been to. There was a bride & a groom. Kissing, crying, cake, flowers, laughing, dancing, singing, and even 2,000 Oragami Birds hanging from the roof. It was real. This is why we love what we do. Yorik & Sindie were young and unconventional and they wanted to do something very different. So with circa 1800 style portraits as reference from them, ( "and a gun" - Travis) we ended up with this! We'll post more of them as we finish up the editing.

"...if you just look at it the right way..."