Destination Wedding | The Arniston Hotel | Mark and Jes | Part 1

Now this is probably the most anticipated wedding blog post we have ever had. You know who you are, pestering guests sending tweets, emails and even instagrams in the middle of the night, demanding to see pictures. Your wait is over. #jemawedding, is here.

Mark and Jes, and all of their guests, made the three hour journey up the coast from Cape Town to the little fishing village of Arniston, and filled up the only hotel in the village for the weekend. A long-weekend wedding. An entire hotel all to themselves. This wedding was bound to be memorable.

The atmosphere was busy but laid back. It was a weekend away but a wedding after all. There were instructions, enough hands and plenty of time to get everything done in. It was great to see everyone chipping in, hanging string lights, setting up tables and decorating the chapel. It gave Mark and Jes the space to relax and prepare for the wedding. Something many couples, unfortunately, don't get the chance to do.

The ceremony was held in a beautiful old chapel a few blocks from the hotel. No cars were needed, so everyone just walked, including Mark and Jes. It's not everyday that we get to document a bride walking through the streets to her wedding ceremony. After the village choir sang us through the ceremony and streamers filled the air, traditional Cape music led the guests back to the hotel for the reception. The atmosphere had become festive, and a real party was on it's way. We just didn't realise how big of a party was coming.

More of that in part two, tomorrow. :)


P.S the bridesmaids' awesome dresses are made by Cape Town designer 'Selfi', available here.

More in part two, tomorrow. :)


  1. Rocked it. As usual. Your getting way to good at this picture taking thing welovepictures!


    Love Bruce and Rebecca

  2. Hells yeah!!! So flipping awesome :)

  3. LOVE it flip man! think i also need to say flip. again. :)

  4. Ok, wow, this wedding and this photography is just AMAZING! I love how clear and crisp it is - none of that soft focus stuff we see so much of in wedding photography nowadays. And a couple that jump fully clothed, into a pool? No one can top that. One of my favourite weddings to look at, love everything about it.

  5. This is absolutely stunning.